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Discovering the transformative power of wholesome, nutrient-dense meals ignited my culinary passion. This zeal drove me to acquire a Bachelor of Science in Health Science Nutrition, equipping me to pursue a career focused on enhancing health and wellness. My journey led me to a role at a wellness center, empowering young women battling eating disorders. It was there that I obtained my serve safe certification and fully embraced the intricate art of crafting meals tailored to individual wellness objectives. The fascinating stories behind every nutrient and macronutrient fueled my commitment to promoting overall health through meticulously designed culinary experiences.

Embarking on a journey to revolutionize the perception of weight loss, we strive to debunk the myth that physical hardship is a prerequisite for a healthier lifestyle. We acknowledge the pitfalls of short-lived dietary trends and their detrimental impact on overall health. Our mission is to craft delectable meals that rejuvenate without compromising on taste or health. We take immense pride in assisting individuals seeking to reshape their dietary habits to elevate their well-being. Allow us to alleviate your time constraints and provide you with nourishing meals that propel you towards a thriving, healthier life.

Discover Effortless Dining!

Transform your mealtime experience with our prepped, delectable dishes that save you the trouble of planning and preparing your meals. Gain control over your portion sizes and indulge in carefully-selected, healthful ingredients. 

Explore our diverse menu, tailored to complement various lifestyles and preferences, including keto, gluten-free, Whole 30, and vegan! Catering to families during chaotic weeknights, our family-style tray orders are here to make your lives easier.

At Amanda's Healthy Cooking, we are committed to delivering wholesome, nourishing, and satisfying meals to enhance your dining journey.


& Quality
Since 2020

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