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What Makes Us Different

Customizable Meals

Customize your meals with our healthy meal prep! Choose your own protein, carbohydrates, and veggies to create a meal that's tailored to your specific tastes and dietary needs. With our customizable meals, you can ensure you're getting the exact meal you want, with all the nutrition you need.

Nutrition Consults

Our Nutrition Consults offer personalized nutrition guidance and advice tailored to meet your individual needs. We are here to help you make positive lifestyle changes and achieve your health and wellness goals. We will provide you with the tools and resources to make sustainable, long-term changes to your diet and eating habits.

Healthy Made Easy

Unmatched Quality

We use the highest quality ingredients, sourced locally whenever possible, to ensure the freshest and most nutritious meals possible. Our commitment to quality means that each ingredient is carefully selected to provide the best flavor, nutrition, and overall experience. 

VEgan Friendly

"Taste the Deliciousness of Vegan-Friendly Dishes with Amanda's Healthy Cooking Services"

gluten options

"Tantalizing Gluten Free Meals - Try Amanda's Healthy Cooking Today!"

keto friendly

"Eat Well, Live Smart with Keto Friendly!"

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kid friendly

"Healthy and Delicious Kid Friendly Meals - Fun for the Whole Family!"

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Dear valued customers,


We regret to announce that Amanda's Healthy Cooking will be closing. However, we are pleased to inform you that this is due to a wonderful opportunity. We will be merging with Edibolic Kitchen, located in West Haven.


The good news is that Edibolic Kitchen will be providing delivery services to the shoreline area. Your talented chef will be responsible for creating your favorite meals and recipes.

As always, please feel free to contact me directly via my personal cell phone or email (

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